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Himalayan Salt Products, Walls, Salt Caves and Much More

We introduce a variety of Himalayan Salt products ranging from bricks, tiles, grains, lamps, bowls, balls as well as offering services for design and applications of customized wall systems and building construction expertise of salt rooms.

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A priceless gift of Nature

We at MultiColor pride ourselves on recognizing Himalayan Pink Salt for being the priceless gift from nature it actually is. This multipurpose miracle Himalayan rock salt can be used for skin, beauty, health, general wellness, and even as a healthier substitute.

That is why we aim at distributing the Himalayan salt in bulk with all its natural goodness far and wide so that maximal people can benefit from it. Our wholesale products like Himalayan Salt Lamps and exquisite Candle Holders are some of the hottest wellness trends; must-haves for a wholesome lifestyle!

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We Export Himalayan Salt Worldwide

MultiColor boasts of being one of the premium suppliers of Himalayan Salt products to over 60 different countries. Himalayan Salt comes from deep inside the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, the only genuine source of the salt near the foothills of the Himalayas.


Our charming decorative salt lamps and candle holders, chiseled through expert craftsmanship by some of the finest sculptors, can add just the right touch of tastefulness to your environment while giving off their therapeutic glow.

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