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Manufacturer & Exporter of Himalayan Pink Salt  

MultiColor takes pride in providing the highest quality of HIMALAYAN Salt products. Today, the various forms of Himalayan Salt are utilized by Health Professionals, hospitals, resorts, SPAS, restaurants and hotels worldwide in their treatments, foods and facilities for it’s natural beauty along with its’ ability to relax, cleanse, and heal the body.

What We Do

Exporting pink salt Worldwide

Pink Himalayan salt is said to be the most beneficial as well as the cleanest salt one can get.

Himalayan Salts are 250 million years old pure organic rock Salts mined along the Himalayan mountain ranges. We offer a wide range of Himalayan Salt Products that can be used for healing, wellness and décor.

Our Vision

To help people live healthy lives with our organic Himalayan salt products.

Our Mission

To offer a wide range of superior quality and innovative rock salt products while seeking maximum customer satisfaction and well-being.

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Providing you with high quality

standards to ensure your
business requirements

Exporting pink salt worldwide with the intention of spreading awareness of

various benefits of pure Himalayan salt awarded by nature.

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Implementing International quality standards to ensure your business requirements.

24/7 Availability

One of our key expertise is to ensure timely shipments that we promise our customers every time.

Most Competitive Prices

Our most competitive prices will empower you to attain a visible trade share from salt business.


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Manufacturing and Exporting Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and Products.